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Learn the  3 Secrets  to effective Follow Up- How you can convert clients that 56% of salespeople give up on!

How to NOT ONLY maximise your investment in Lead Generation and Advertising - but in a professional no pressure way 

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Copy my word for word email templates and phone call scripts to DOUBLE your conversions with the leads you already have. 


Did you know...

  • Most sales people and business owners aren't aware that on average 44% of business people and sales people give up after 1 follow up 
  • 80% of purchases are made between the 5th and 12th follow up
  • More people will buy between the 90 day mark and the 2 year mark than they will in the first 90 days.


This is exactly why I wrote this book - so you can win sales that almost all of your competitors are literally throwing away.


This is precisely how to maximise your investment in lead generation and advertising in a professional no-pressure way.


What you'll learn in this free book will allow you to easily and very quickly close sales that 56% of sales people give up on - giving you a high leveraged method of attaining the dream clients you desire. Simply enter your first name and email in the above box to be instantly sent your free book download.


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